Miriam Zimmerman

MIRIAM A. ZIMMERMAN – Managing Producer

MIRIAM ZIMMERMAN began her documentary career in 1985, researching and writing funding proposals for public television. Since then, she has worked on more than two dozen programs for PBS, cable, and the networks.

Zimmerman recently directed her first feature-length documentary, This is Sparta! (2014) about a group of outcast high school students who strike back at the kids bullying them by writing and performing a musical about their quirky friendships.

Other career highlights include field producer roles on Frontline’s Throwaway People (winner of a Robert F. Kennedy Humanitarian Award) and NOVA’s Can You Believe TV Ratings?, and associate producer on the Emmy-award winning The Education of Admiral Watkins for PBS’s The AIDS Quarterly, Frontline’s The Politics of Prosperity, and NOVA’s We Know Where You Live. She was supervising writer for The Red Bomb, the Discovery Channel’s three-part mini-series on the Soviet development of the atom bomb, and story editor for the 1996 Emmy award-winning NBC series, Lost Civilizations.

Since joining forces with Steve York in 1995, Zimmerman has shepherded all YZI productions from conception through to post production, overseeing production on five continents, language versioning in twenty languages, and footage and stills acquisition from more than seventy-five archival sources around the world. She handles all budgetary, personnel, promotional, and legal matters for the company. Zimmerman graduated with honors from Vassar College in 1982 with a B.A. in English.