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For 30 years, Hosni Mubarak ruled Egypt by manipulating elections and crushing dissent. On January 25, 2011, everything changed. Thousands poured into the streets calling for the regime’s downfall. Within weeks, Mubarak was out. Bread, freedom, a transition to true democracy -- all seemed possible.

Egypt: Revolution Interrupted? documents how an emerging opposition fueled the 2011 uprising through a decade of labor strikes and human rights legal action. But the revolutionaries were fragmented, lacked leadership, had no clear vision for uniting the people. They were ultimately thwarted by entrenched forces.

Is the story over? One pro-democracy activist speaks for those who can’t: “I am willing to take to the streets once again. And I will not be alone. Millions of Egyptians cannot be wished away. The road ahead is long and bumpy. But I have no doubt that the future belongs to us.”


High school bullying isn’t always physical. Emotional bullying can be hurtful too.

Just ask the Spartans, a group of offbeat teens laughed at and excluded by their peers.

In the summer before their senior year, the Spartans set themselves a challenge: to create and perform a full-length musical celebrating their quirkiness. With two acts, a cast of 20, and 16 original songs, it’s a Herculean task -- not to mention a risky one. Are they up to it? Will their friendships survive? Will the other students even bother to attend their show?

This is Sparta! tracks the teens’ year-long journey as they tackle bullying with the most effective nonviolent weapons in their arsenal: humor, song, and dance.