Orange Revolution

A fascinating look at how true leveling power comes with unifying under an umbrella of a belief.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

In 2004, Ukraine made headlines around the world when one of its presidential candidates was poisoned and nearly died. Weeks later, the election was stolen. And then the country erupted into the most successful political protest of the decade, the Orange Revolution.


For 17 days, and in freezing temperatures, over one million citizens poured into the streets of Kyiv and took up residence there. They marched in protest and formed human barricades around government buildings, paralyzing all state functions. Restaurants donated food, businessmen sent tents, and individuals brought blankets, clothing, and money. At night, rock bands energized the protesters. The world was riveted to the masses of ordinary citizens engaged in extraordinary acts of political protest who didn’t stop until they succeeded.

Through the eyes and in the voices of the people in Ukraine, this 90-min film tells the story of a people united, not by one leader or party, but by one idea: to defend their vote and the future of their country.

Narrated by the voices of the people of Ukraine and featuring the music of Okean Elzy, Volpi Vodoplyosova & Green Jolly.

Aired on PBS in 2010.



  • President’s Award – Chicago Int’l Documentary Film Festival

  • Bronze Plaque – Columbus Int’l Film Festival

  • Festivals: Los Angeles Int’l/AFI, HotDocs, San Francisco Int’l, Seattle Int’l, DOCNZ New Zealand, United Nations Assn, Calgary Int’l, St. Louis Int’l, Milwaukee Int’l, Hot Springs.