Remaking The World

Refreshingly free from hysteria…the most sophisticated treatment.
Time Magazine

Remaking The World profiles the personal, social and political aspects of Islamic activism in Egypt, asking why people become fundamentalists, how fundamentalist communities coalesce, how they attempt to change their society, and how they view their relationships with the secular world.

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This one-hour film is part of the PBS/BBC series, The Glory and the Power exploring the ideas, actions, & passions of religious fundamentalists worldwide, in the three monotheistic faiths — Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

The program examines the work of Adil Hussein, a devout Muslim journalist whose newspaper serves as the de facto voice of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood is an Islamic movement founded in 1928 devoted to the concept of Islamic law as a basis for modern life. Islamic activists in this program believed that a return to Islam can cure the problems of their ailing society. Hussein and his family are both traditional and modern, and insist that Islam is not in conflict with modern science and technology.

Aired on PBS in 1992.

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