Turning Point At Normandy

Splendid… crisply written and richly reported. Best of all: the footage. It is truly magnificent. Grade: A.
New York Newsday

Consistently hailed as the best of the documentaries commemorating the 50th anniversary of the decisive 1944 allied invasion of Europe, beginning on Normandy's beaches, was ABC News Turning Point at Normandy – D-Day: The Soldiers' Story, (90 min).


Steve York and his team of researchers and producers traveled to Germany, France, England and dozens of cities in the U.S. to record veterans' recollections of that momentous day in June 1944.

Their insights are blended with the drama of combat and with the planning, training, and preparation for the largest military operation in world history. Navy, Army, and Air Force roles are included, including the night-time paratroop and glider operations on the eve of the beach landings.

Also featured is the ingenious plan of deception, involving Garbo, a German double agent, to convince German commanders that the invasion would be at Calais instead of Normandy.

Aired on ABC in 1994. Hosted by Peter Jennings.


Gold Hugo, Chicago Int’l Film Festival

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