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Filmmaking is a team sport. 

Luckily for us, we had the great good fortune to make films with each other, as York Zimmerman Inc., and with a talented and dedicated production team with whom we collaborated over many years, both on location and in our Washington, DC headquarters.

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Our goal was to make films we were passionate about, to explore and shine a light on people and ideas that have changed the world—stories of war, faith, justice, defiance, and revolution.

Steve York, who directed, produced and wrote all our films, traveled around the world to find and tell these stories. Miriam Zimmerman handled the logistical, business and legal side of production.

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Together we created films that have been translated into more than a dozen languages and embraced by citizens worldwide fighting for their human rights.

While our productions have been recognized with prizes from the mainstream and praise from the underground, our mission has always been to direct the focus to the people in our films, and to the powerful legacies and lessons they leave behind.

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Our profound thanks to all the folks who worked with us along the way, from the production staff in our DC office to the crew and fixers around the world.

Our greatest debt of gratitude goes to four extraordinary talents who collaborated with us year after year, film after film: editor, Joe Wiedenmeyer; composer, John Keltonic; sound recordist, Paul Rusnak; and director of photography, Peter Pearce.

We are honored they shared their creative & critical thinking with us. Our work was more fun and fulfilling because of them.


We retired from filmmaking in 2019 but continue to find other ways to expose & illuminate the forces affecting the world today.

Miriam Zimmerman & Steve York

Miriam Zimmerman & Steve York



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